Motown Kanaal Hasselt

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Architecture is about trying to make the world a little bit more like our dreams

Bjark Ingels

The Project

Architecture is about trying to make the world a little bit more like our dreams

Bjark Ingels

Work and live by the water

Just outside the ring of Hasselt, a few minutes from the city center and on the water, a new creative neighborhood will come to life. This is where people will meet to work, meet to live, meet to relax. This is where terraces will make you feel like you’re on holiday.

Leisure and convenience will become one in this ideal location, which is close to the Hasselt University campus, business district, golf course, Japanese gardens, movie theater complex, and indoor theme park. The dynamism of this environment offers the perfect combination for work, living and pleasure.

Such potential deserves the best treatment. This is why we called upon acclaimed Swiss architect Diener & Diener to help us with our quest. The result? A masterplan along the water, built around green oases. And at the entrance of the new neighborhood, two towers: Motown Kanaal.

The towers differ in height and shape, but both speak the same architectural language. They do not stand alone as two individuals. They stand together. Through symbiosis and a uniquely designed parking building they even seem to embrace one another. The towers house a mix of creative offices and homes, centered around a roof garden that makes living and working a pleasure. Timeless architecture, breathtaking views and use of quality materials emphasize the essence of our two towers: an environment perfect for the combination of work, living and leisure.

Motown Kanaal.
Soul residence.


Creativity expressed

Great architects view themselves as merely a piece of the bigger picture, and are at complete disposal of the purpose which they serve. They use their talent to enrich the environments in which they work. Creativity as a means, not as an end. The result must appear as obvious, effortless. The expression of know-how, culture and refinement. In doing so, our architects manage to put forth the only creativity that truly matters: the one of those that will work in the towers. We therefore designed spaces that stimulate and encourage cooperation and productivity. Our entry halls must stimulate, the high ceilings must inspire, beautiful communal spaces must spark dialogue.

Water is essential to the quality of our environment and an important prerequisite to our daily needs. During meetings, from behind your desk or during a moment of rest, Motown Kanaal offers at all times serenity through an immediate connection with water.